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Traditional afternoon tea

A quintessentially British tradition, this classic tea ceremony dates back to the 1830’s when Anna Maria, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, first introduced it to her exclusive circle of friends.

Anna Maria, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, is credited with the invention of afternoon tea in 1840. She is said to have experienced what she called a ‘sinking feeling’ in the middle of the afternoon due to the long gap between light luncheon and her evening meal. To relieve her hunger pangs she asked her footman to bring her a pot of tea and a little light refreshment. She enjoyed this ritual so much she began to invite her friends over for tea and gossip about the latest scandal. The ritual caught on and afternoon tea became all the rage among the upper crust. Soon all of fashionable London was indulging in afternoon tea, as you can too with this classic British institution. Follow in the Duchess of Bedford’s footsteps and indulge your sense of fantasy with our Afternoon Tea Ritual. Simply choose from the following range of fine teas and enjoy this uniquely British experience.

Traditional English

This traditional tasting tea is a blend of the finest 2nd flush Assam teas from the rich flood plains of the Brahmaputra River in India, known to deliver exceptional tasting tea. A classic, robust and traditional tasting tea, which gives a strong, smooth, rich liquor. Can be enjoyed with or without milk. If preferred a sprinkle of sugar can be added to enhance the flavour.

Traditional English Decaffeinated

The same classic blend as Traditional English, but naturally decaffeinated for a rich tasting tea, without the caffeine. Perfect for those looking to cut down on caffeine without compromising on taste.

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Oriental varieties

A delightful fusion of Chinese and Japanese traditional tea ceremonies, with all the poise and elegance of the Orient, this delicate, precise ritual takes you back to the true origins of tea.


Originating from the Greek for barley water, the Tisane ritual offers not teas, but a fabulous array of herbal and fruit infusions – perfect for those seeking a light and refreshingly different experience.

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