Oriental varieties

A delightful fusion of Chinese and Japanese traditional tea ceremonies, with all the poise and elegance of the Orient, this delicate, precise ritual takes you back to the true origins of tea.

About oriental teas

The origin of tea dates back to 2737 BC and Chinese Emperor Shen Nung’s discovery when the leaves of a nearby tea tree fell into some water his entourage were boiling. From its Chinese routes Japan started to learn about and drink tea in the 7th/8th century AD, developing its own distinctive tea ceremony Cha-no-yu, based on the Buddhist search for spiritual refreshment and harmony with the universe. The traditions of the Far East have always been very different to that of the western world, as have their tea rituals. This Oriental tea ritual is a combination of both Chinese and Japanese ceremonies, taking you back to the Eastern origins of tea by combining notes from both tea cultures to create a delicate and elegant Oriental ritual around the following fine teas.

ooibos, Orange & Cinnamon

The rich aromatic taste of Rooibos, combined with sweet oranges and hints of warming spice, is perfect to sooth and relax. Imagine sitting on a wooden veranda, watching a golden sunset with breathtaking views across the Western Cape, as you unwind with this little taste of Africa.

Long Jing Green

Long Jing or ‘Dragonwell’ green tea was developed in Zhejiang province in China during the Ming & Qing dynasties and is recognised as the finest variety of green tea from China, being one of China’s ‘10 famous teas’. It is produced in misty hills around the famous West Lake, near the city of Hangzhou, in the “Dragonwell” Springs area. Commonly produced by hand, the leaf has a long, flat appearance creating a rounded full-bodied green tea which tastes sweet initially, with a slightly savoury aftertaste of ‘popped corn’. Enjoy with or without sugar.

Jasmine Pearls

Each jasmine pearl is hand-fashioned by twisting exceptionally long, downy leaf bud sets together and rolling them into silvery balls. These are then scented six times with fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. When brewed, the pearls unravel to reveal an elegant scent and a sweet, fresh silvery liquor with the delicate taste of jasmine blossoms. Best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

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Originating from the Greek for barley water, the Tisane ritual offers not teas, but a fabulous array of herbal and fruit infusions – perfect for those seeking a light and refreshingly different experience.

Traditional afternoon tea

A quintessentially British tradition, this classic tea ceremony dates back to the 1830’s when Anna Maria, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, first introduced it to her exclusive circle of friends.

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